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Aventis – Sweihan Exploration

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Sifting through the stunning desert landscape in search of the perfect dunes, the Aventis team of experienced juniors advanced across virgin sands touched only by the desert wildlife.

To reach the larger formations, a number of straight crests had to be tackled which resulted in a couple of expected stucks and second tries but the effort was certainly worth it. After a few rounds of the bigger bowls and some nice climbs the convoy headed off to the target destination – Nagra dune.

This monstrous old lady appears rather daunting for first timers but the Aventis group were keen to take it on, so we did just that. Careful control over the bumpy terrain, power to the max and turning down when necessary ensured the adrenaline rush was balanced with safety and discipline. Following a 20 minute play in the area the convoy moved on.

Heading in the direction of the exit, another technical area slowed down the pace and our indomitable sweeper Anders had his work cut out handling a few crested stucks but his swift and professional action kept the convoy moving. Running behind schedule, a final fast-paced push to the exit was a fun way to end the drive, apart from one final stuck on the lead car.

Some great driving today, especially by Tamer who, despite having the largest vehicle, was one of the very few who didn’t get stuck! Anders was the star of the day and a special thanks to Marshal Javier for his invaluable support and guidance. A return visit to this area is certainly required.

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