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Snakes and Ladders

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Climbing high, sliding down and towing out.

The Sand Cloud drive led our junior team through Badaya towards some great terrain to practice climbs, bowls and side slopes with the odd straight crest thrown in. Soon after the warm up one of our team members encountered a mechanical problem which could not be readily fixed so our sweeper towed him to the nearest safety exit.

With the recovery in progress, the convoy moved on to hit some high climbs and play around on the west side of Chef’s Bowl but Murphy’s Law kicked in and a pop out was called. As our sweeper was still handling the earlier recovery, Marshal Chef Marc stepped in to quickly get our Fella up and running.

After a short break for rejuvenating karak chai and with our sweeper in tow, the convoy moved on harder and faster through the large dune formation behind Big Red. With only a couple of second tries, the challenges were increased and the convoy stepped up! During the final section, the lead car experienced a minor suspension issue so, after a quick temporary repair, the team headed out of the desert to exit exactly on time.

Thank you everyone for joining and a special thanks to Steven (SL), to Malcolm for his superb sweeping skills and to Marshal Chef Marc for the pop out repair and the amazing mentorship. Catch you all soon!

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  1. Big thanks to Martin for a fun drive and Marc for helping out! Can’t wait for the next ride with everyone. See you soon!

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