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Our meeting point, at a base of a bowl was no coincidence as the agenda for our voyage was to slingshot through the timeless landscape moving from one bowl to another, fate however also seems to have a sense of humor…

Warmed up we quickly started with some side sloping fun whilst climbing higher at each pass before traversing across the faces of these giants. The area busy with other convoys we decided to take a break to refresh whilst exchanging stories of our summer adventures.

After putting the world to right we moved through a challenging technical area consisting of sharp crests, unexpected drops and desert flora that really put our skid plates to work! But without any recoveries we meandered our way to pastures new.

Back on track and now at the base of several magnificent dune formations it was time to put the pedal to the metal and play! Building up momentum we surfed through these high-altitude bowls from the south before switching back over for round two. A self-recovery quickly carried out under Svens watchful eye didn’t slow us down.

As fate would have it an unscheduled stop was needed to replace a rear Tyre due to a sidewall failure, caused by debris which unfortunately can litter the tracks especially in popular areas. Quickly changed we left our marks around iftar bowl before making our way to the exit for some much-needed refreshments.

Thank you, gentlemen, for a fun filled drive, great to have you back!

See you on the sand soon.


  1. Marc Hayes Marc Hayes says:

    Thanks Malcom for a massively fun drive to get back into the saddle. Many thanks to scen and you for the help on the tire change. Time to replace them all, ready for the season.

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