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One Way Motorway

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The adventure kicked off amid the bustling Badayer shops of Sharjah. You could feel the electric buzz in the air as we set sights on the horizon’s crest. It wasn’t long before our tires met the dunes, carving golden arcs in our wake.

As we warmed up, our throttles roared louder. The quest? Iftar bowl. But as fate would have it, one rogue vehicle protested with a cough and splutter. An impromptu pitstop unveiled the culprit: a cheeky air filter gone awry! A quick hands-on fix, a few laughs, and we were tearing across the sands once more.

Iftar bowl greeted us with its shimmering beauty. Up and down its contours we went, mastering its challenges, with the sun blessing our endeavors.

But the journey didn’t end there! Super Bowl awaited. Picture this: a caravan of exhilarated fellas, smiles wider than the dunes themselves, stopping only to rest and revel in the camaraderie.

As the final dunes of our journey rolled under our wheels, gratitude was in the air. A shout-out to Martin and Marcin, and to all who joined this unforgettable ride.

Until the next wild escapade, adventurers. Stay sandy!

3 comments on One Way Motorway

  1. Very enjoyable drive – strong pace yet smooth and fluent over the dunes and crests
    We covered impressive 55 km in less than 3 hours

    See you soon on the sand again


  2. This was a junior drive on steroids! In typical Javier fashion, “no prisoners” and “try to keep up”! Some amazing terrain and incredible lines covering Gravity Bowl, Iftar and Super Bowl with a bit of technical thrown in for good measure. A fun filled morning with great company, can’t get much better.

  3. Tamer Hamed Tamer Hamed says:

    This was one of the rides that I finish with a feeling of satisfaction and joy. Maybe because of the tracks we navigated through, maybe because of getting the most out of the Ram, but what i am sure about is that one of the reasons was the fellas who made this ride remarkable for me. Thank you guys and looking forward for the next challenge 👍

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