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Early Risers

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A fun morning in Badaya catching up with the new graduates.

With all team members on time, the convoy started the warm up in a familiar area with gentle side slopes and straight crests. After a quick rope recovery the group headed through a bumpy technical patch towards the first rest point.

Topped up with sweet tea and snacks, the Early Risers were looking forward to tackling some nice climbs and bowls around Big Red but that had to wait for a few minutes whilst the support team dealt with a pop out. Now running a bit behind schedule, the convoy made a few hill climbs and a quick pass over the western side of this amazing dune,  heading towards Chefs Bowl to rendezvous with the Desert Fellas basic training group. The higher pace was quite challenging and there were some issues with safety distance but the team reached the destination, albeit 15 minutes late.

Whilst Marshall Marko evaluated the Trainees, 2 Fellas were escorted to the exit point to honor their time commitments before the convoy regrouped for a final few climbs and challenges before heading to the inflation point 30 minutes behind schedule.

Thank you all for joining. It is not just the drive, it is the company that makes the trips memorable. See you on the next one!

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  1. Terrific morning on the sand. Thank you Martin for the fun drive and ice cold towels. See you all soon!

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