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Desert Raiders

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Today’s meeting point was full of convoys, proving that the driving season is definitely starting!

After a quick warm up, the team had some fun with a few climbs and side slopes before tackling the technical area. With patches of extremely soft sand, there were a few self recoveries and 1 rope pull but Ryan swiftly dealt with these and we pushed on.

Following a short tea break, the convoy exited the technical terrain and arrived at the target play area for some fast paced bowl driving! Here we pushed the right foot all the way down and let the engines roar, climbing, looping and generally having a blast.

With the clock ticking, it was time to move on at a relatively gentle pace towards Iftar Bowl. The sand at this notorious landmark was soft and chewed up by earlier convoys so reaching the top was virtually impossible but the DF team made the most of it and raced around the area before heading to the exit point.

Many thanks to Ryan and Javier on support and to Ray as SL today. A fun drive and a great start to the weekend!

2 comments on Desert Raiders

  1. What a way to start the weekend!

  2. Marc Hayes Marc Hayes says:

    Another great drive in an epic area!

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