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Dear Fella experienced offroader

We are so happy that you showing interest to drive with us. 

There is 2 ways to do that:

  1. Attend our next "Ab Initio" trip and there we will meet each other and decide about your status and driving level in Desert Fellas
  2. There is list bellow with our 10 most influenced members. They can help you to start driving immediately and attend Ab Initio later. 
Top Members
  1. Marko 6,648
  2. ChefMarc 5,367
  3. Redbaron 3,496
  4. Gonzo 2,678
  5. Salouh 2,528
  6. Preggy 1,444
  7. Moamin 1,364
  8. Rathica 1,208
  9. CopperCon 1,099
  10. scorpiotp 1,030
1. Install Telegram App 
2. join desert.fellas channel to receive updates for new trips and similar.
3. join desert.fellas group Chat (English)
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