Ab Initio Program

Ab initio (/ˌæbɪˈnɪʃi.oʊ/ AB-i-NISH-ee-oh) is a Latin term meaning “from the beginning” and it derives from the Latin ab (“from”) + initio, ablative singular of initium (“beginning”).

Dear 4×4 owner,

We are very happy that you decided to open this article. I’d say you’re keen to learn how to swim before you jump into deep water. You have our respect for that!!!

“Ab Initio” is our “two drive program” which will take you from complete beginner to Junior level in the shortest time possible.

Prepare yourself to learn a lot of things and discover the beautiful world of off-roading. We know that you already are a good driver, there is no doubt. Now is the time to take your driving to a further level and we are ready to share some tips and tricks.

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