Offroad Equipment – Check List

Lot’s of fellas is asking about this gear in profile settings which they cannot select. This is a list of equipment (excluding winch) which what you have to have in your car before you decide to enter  the desert. Our lesson 2 is about safety gear where every piece is explained. To attend our trips make sure that your equipment is inspected and added to your profile. If you are already equipped, please let us know so we can make an inspection and add it to your profile. Security comes first so make sure that your equipment will not put you or other people in danger.



Desert Fellas Equipment Checklist

Types Of Our Desert Trips

We are trying to make trips suitable for every member, that’s the point of this platform’s existence.

We have 3 types of desert trips.

  1. Standard Trips
  2. Learning Trips
  3. Multilevel Trips

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