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Basic training lesson 1

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Once again, we rev up for another round of off-road adventures with a fresh batch of future off-road champs!

With the forecast calling for a gloomy sky and heavy rain, our gang assembled at our meeting spot on surprisingly dry sand. But, hey, don’t let that fool you – we knew Mother Nature was just gearing up to throw down the heavens our way!

After an in-depth briefing on the drive plan and safety elements, we kicked things off with a quick warm-up and refresher on the fine art of side sloping. Everyone was hitting their stride when, wouldn’t you know it, a few raindrops decided to crash the party. One of our beefier trucks got a tire popped out, but luckily, our trusty sweeper, Malcolm, swooped in to save the day. But modern trucks come with many electronic sensors that light up the dash with an array of error codes even with out any visible damage, so after a quick scan tool reset, we decided it was best to escort our student off to the nearest emergency exit for a check-up at the dealer while the rest of us forged ahead into the sandy expanses.

As the rain came down in buckets, turning our usual dry playground into a muddy adventure, we found ourselves in the ultimate session of learning about wet sand driving. Talk about a wild ride! We tackled the challenge head-on, adjusting tire pressures and pushing on.

The rest of the morning was spent in terrain perfect for honing our car control skills, topped off with an adrenaline-pumping session of side sloping. With a few extra minutes on our hands, we wrapped up ahead of schedule, ready to inflate our tires and debrief.

What a crew! With minimal errors and maximum fun, we’ve laid down a solid foundation for next week’s adventure, where the challenge will be higher and the learning curve even steeper.

Big shout-out to our 2nd lead and trusty sweeper for keeping our convoy on track and our spirits high. Until next week, fellow thrill-seekers – when we buckle up for lesson 2.

One comment on “Basic training lesson 1

  1. What an introduction to desert driving for our junior trainees!
    Kudos to the team for pushing on and Marshall Marc for leading the way through the heavy weather conditions 💪

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