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3 Peaks – dry run

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After we tried last week the rainy version of this drive, our fellas were looking forward to experience this track on dry and more slippery sand. As we have seen, even in the same and familiar terrain, the drive changes a lot with the weather conditions.

Nearly on time we made our way from Nazwa to towards 2nd December cafeteria, warming up on the smaller dunes in the area and enjoying some low side slopes and some straight cresting. As all the straight crests were conquered without and 2nd try, we increased the level a bit.

Getting closer towards 2nd december cafeteria, we found some higher dunes with softer sand that made steep climbs more challenging for the bigger trucks. We played in this areafor some time, ejoyed the view towards pink rock and used the tight twists and turnes in this dunes to have fun.

After some time we headed towards pink rock to make our first well deserved break, but wanted to do some quick climbs beforehand. One the last climb we had one second try to resolve, before we took our break. We used this time and took a moment to discuss the 2nd try we just have seen.

Short after we continued our journey, but wanted to make use of our location and put into practice what Marko discussed with the team during the break. More climbs on pink rock followed in short sequence, which lead to some 2nd tries, which our sweeper quickly resolved.

It was the last climb before leaving when misfortune struck. One car had a mechanical failure on the front wheel that gave the convoy time for a unplanned 2nd break, giving us time to assess the situation and organize the recoery.

After the situation was resolved to the point possible, we moved on from pink rock to big red. This last our was a blast of moving quick over higher dunes, enjoying every terrain we could find. As the area was open with a lot less vegetation, the pace increased, as did the fun.

The finale of this trip was big red, which waited to be conquered from all sides. To finish on a high note we increased the level and pace a bit more and it was great to see that everyone mastered the challenges.

Thanks everyone for th great morning. Ryan and Matt for 2nd lead, Anders for sweeping and recovery duties and Marko for the supervision of the drive.

I hope to see you all soon again.

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